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Grabs*It Up
animated grabsit up

Grabs*It Up - Pooper Scooper

The Grabs*It up Pooper Scooper works differently than any scooper that you have used in the past.

(Mouseover each step for close up)

  1. Unhook the wire latch that holds the Red Ejector Button down with your thumb.
  2. While holding the handle, position the Grabs*It Up over the pile of poop.
  3. Press the head of the Grabs*It Up into the pile of poop.
  4. The Red Ejector Button will rise as the Screw Head Matrix sinks into the pile.
  5. After grabbing the pile, position over bag or trash receptacle.
  6. Press the Red Ejector Button with your thumb.This will eject the poop off of the Grabs*It Up.
  7. Clean with water after each use to keep the Screw Head Matrix free of dried on material that may impede the operation of the Grabs*It Up.

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