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Grabs*It Up


Grabs*It Up - Pooper Scooper

The easiest way to clean up the little presents your best friend leaves in the backyard.

The Grabs*It Up  Pooper Scooper works differently than any scooper that you have used in the past.    How to Use It

The Patent Pending Screw Head Matrix grabs the dog poop and holds it for easy collection.

You only need one hand to operate the Grabs*It Up.

Instead of a scraping motion, like other pooper scoopers, the Grabs*It Up uses stab and grab to pick up the dogs mess.

The combination of the screws on the collection Head and compression of the poop, firmly holds the poop for easy disposal.

No interference from grass, so even longer grass doesn't obstruct operation.

Pick up soft or hard poop easily in your backyard.